Learning how to play guitar and how to write songs are two skills that many new musicians find daunting and confusing. I hope to make your journey easier by providing you the best resources to learn and develop your skills. I want you to keep the main thing in mind while learning to play guitar and write songs: TO HAVE FUN!

I first picked up a guitar as a teenager when I was 16 years old and fell in love with the instrument. Like many guitar players, I learned by having a friend show me some basic chords to play songs I liked. I learned on an old Gibson acoustic guitar that was sitting around collecting dust and was inherited by my family.

Within the first year, I bought my first electric guitar, an Ibanez Les Paul model. I also bought a Fender Twin Reverb and a couple of pedals. I played and practiced on my own listening to records and playing by ear.

After about a year, I felt I needed to learn more, so I took some lessons with a guitar teacher. The investment in lessons cleared up a lot of questions I had about how chords worked and how to play scales for soloing.

I played a lot for about five years, then much less after I started working on my career. The guitar became a hobby that I indulged in on the weekends and evenings. I always had an interest in writing songs, but most of my ideas were fragments that were left unfinished.

About four years ago, I got the bug to start playing again and started practicing and taking guitar lessons again. I found a great teacher who’s full-time studio musician and player in several top bands, Norm Merten. Norm helped me to understand the guitar and improved my playing in a big way.

He encouraged me to join a band and I became a player in two bands which taught me how to practice songs for performances and how to play in a group. It was a great experience.

My desire to write songs was also reignited, and I started studying songwriting. I learned to use Logic Pro and wrote, arranged, and recorded 14 songs that I’m happy with.

With Guitar and Songs dot com, I hope to give beginning guitar players and songwriters the best knowledge and resources that have helped me to play guitar and write songs.